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So far NoRoot Firewall has not detected any activity from anything unusual running in the background either idle, screen-on, or charging. What was weird though was that if I open the Nokia camera app, it tries to talk to edge-star-shvlhr-facebook. I believe this is due to the facebook live-broadcasting feature built into the Nokia camera app, although I have not got it logged in so not sure why it is phoning home just when I open the app.

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I'll keep running foir a few more days I cant use my usual VPN at the same time as NoRoot Firewall so dont want to run indefinitely and udpate if anything else happens. Very nice of the Chinese military to choose a. A phone with most of it components bought from China and in one of the many configurations just copied from the supplier's examples there was an URL which was supposed to be changed but didn't. In other words - a non-story or at most a story about quality issues at the reborn Nokia.

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But luckily the URL pointed to China I don't really think this is because of racism; I mostly just think it is because we are idiots that prefer big hyperboles rather than simple explanations of non-issues. It's more than just that; the Android build comes littered with software from an unscrupulous source, even on phones that are supposed to be close to a clean version of Android. Why do you assume they the presumely Chinese provider of the component are unscrupulous?

To me it is obvious that it is Nokia that is sloppy and having quality issues. Why do you assume it's simply laziness? Regardless, it's not good. Why is there a Chinese flag in the article and not a Finnish flag? Because it gives more attention. The real story here is that the venerable brand of Nokia now is being used to sell sub-quality phones. Because the service and server in question are in China? Look I understand being skeptical of the narrative, but that's where the data was going. Nokia isn't being shielded in the article.

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Comments like this are a bannable offense on HN. Three ways actually: nationalistic flamewar, personal attack, and insinuation of astroturfing. Please don't do any of these here again. I agree with your assessment that this was likely unintentional, although it doesn't seem like they forgot to change the URL, but rather that the whole component should have been disabled. My Chinese is unfortunately not good enough to easily find information on it.

I don't speak Chinese. And you are right; it looks like something specific to China Telecom that should be completely removed. It is kind of ironic for me to think my perception of Android as same as Windows as major malware distributor despite it is based on Linux. Android is now fast becoming Windows XP of mobile. My Android phone came with a weather app preinstalled.

The app cannot be uninstalled, is full of translation errors and some links redirect to Chinese websites. Who knows what data my phone constantly sends there? Adding to that the fact that I don't receive system updates anymore, I have absolutely no trust in my phone. My next phone will be an iPhone, for the lack of better alternative. I don't have a previous experience so my reasoning was "well it's Samsung, at worst they'll have some shitty branded apps and some cruft".

But I don't have an idea what these dozens of preinstalled apps running on my phone doing. Almost none of them can be uninstalled and only a handful can be disabled. It is kind of scary to use a banking app on this thing. Never felt this way on an iPhone. I wanted to see the Android side after years of iPhone use, apparently it is still shit. This is exactly why I am back on iPhone.

I have had enough of unremovable shitware.

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I also value the simplicity of getting basic things done such as Bluetooth pairing. Stuff seems easier. The only thing slightly worse on iPhone is google 2fa, because it needs to use the gmail app. Not the GMail one. Not the original poster, but yes you're right. I use k9 mail and open keychain on android.

What would be the equivalent on iPhone? My wife, who is not a tech person at all, flatly refuses to run any banking or financial apps on her Android phone. She knows just enough about the technology to know that most Android devices are cesspools of spyware and malware, even her Galaxy phone. She doesn't like iPhones though, so I doubt she will ever go over to that side even for security's sake. Please have her order a Librem 5 for banking etc!

No thank you, I lost faith in Purism after they continually misled their customers about the Librem 15 laptop. EvangelicalPig 7 months ago.

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To be fair, they did get Coreboot working after about 2 years from the time of that post but it's still not ideal, compared to a older Libreboot based system, performance not withstanding. They did, but they never once apologized or admitted they misled customers about the laptop launching with Coreboot working and ME removed in fact their initial promise was that they somehow got Intel to make a ME-free chipset "just for them" which was a flat out lie.

Lie to me and I'm done with you, especially over something as important as privacy and freedom. It may now be closer to what they originally promised, but I no longer trust them. That's fair, and even "I" as a "partial supporter" think they need to tune down the marketing machine a bit. It's a shame because they're really the only company doing what their doing a fighting a chance at open source as possible and secure hardware. Ever try the phones from Google with pretty much nothing pre-installed? It is a much better experience, but yes Android is still proper shit in some ways.

In others it has come so far. I never have to restart my phone like I had to for my Galaxy S1 every day. I got a nokia because it's as close to pure android without a super expensive google phone and here we are I used to have Nokia Windows Phones and they were excellent I wonder if this was still going on back then? Give it time. I have a s8 I'm not using out of creep factor. Switched to a phone that supports lineageOS. Yizahi 7 months ago. Oneplus preinstalled weather app doesn't work at all without access to my contacts and to device storage media.

I'm also more and more thinking about switching to Apple, and paying premium for no hardware advantage, only due to fact that Apple collects and sells less information about me.

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Not because it will change anything substantially but on principle. More modifications by vendors and manufacturers, more preinstalled malware and bloatware, less customizations allowed. At least it's easy to take control of a PC and modify what you want including completely install a clean OS I did some research on zzhc.

There is plenty of documentation in Chinese on how to implement it e. That makes it likely that sending the data was only due to a misconfiguration. Considering the long list of manufacturers starting at page 10 of [1], it's also possible that others are leaking data in the same way. But didn't get deleted when they are making EU variants. Thanks for the links. Actually, I had seen one of those articles before, but didn't understand it well enough. My understanding now is that some 4G deployments are subsidized, and to correctly compute the amounts to be paid, China Telecom needs to collect more data than is usually available, so they came up with the idea of sending the data to zzhc.

Still pretty hacky, but it kind of makes sense from a perspective of doing the minimum necessary to fulfill the requirements. HenryBemis 7 months ago.

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This will catch anything running over the OS but I feel it wouldn't catch any rootkit. What information is missing in the article is "which app is leaking the data"? On all rooted android phones you can advise on uninstall xyz and be done with it. Then you can take screenshots and make a nice post in your blog. Unfortunately I don't own a Nokia 7 to do this myself. Edit: just notice that autocorrect changed my: "adb pm uninstall XYZ". This is pretty damning.

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The fact that HMD don't come clean and admit they were required to load this software in order to sell to the Chinese market is a little odd.